Friday, 21 March 2014


A LITTLE BIT OF inspiration doesn't hurt anybody. I felt like I needed a new bunch of inspiration images around me and that's why I decided to write this post on Friday morning very early. Last two days were shiny. The sun was there to warm me up and I redecorated my room with loads of colours and fresh editorials from the newest Vogue and Elle. So everything looks good now. Every now and then I like to change, to keep myself surprised in my own room. While laying in bed, I just have to look around and I get inspired by my own work. Well, of course those editorials are not my work. But let's say, I am the stylist of the editorials. I tear every single page out of the magazine and put it on the ground. Then I search for similar colours, patterns, styles and people. Put all that together on my wall, et c'est ├ža. Feels good to be creative in that way. Now I can't stop looking at it. Inspiration everywhere. Now here is a part I wanted to share with you. Hope it will inspire you. I choosed for gold and yellow, because that makes me think about the sun. And that's what I need right now. Don't hide you behind the clouds.. Have a nice Friday, it's almost weekend!
 Photos:  theblondesalad/ mijamija/ justlikesushi/ tommyton/ and various tumblr


  1. Leuke foto's! Die grijze oversized jas is zo leuk :)

  2. Zo leuk!! Hele fijne inspiratie :) fijn weekend ! x

  3. Nothing better than beautiful inspirations :)
    Love the golden jacket !

  4. Heerlijke inspiratie!

  5. Die jas aan het begin is heel gaaf!

  6. Lovely pics, really good blog :)
    Say Cheese

  7. Super fijne inspiratie weer! Heerlijk lente achtig!

  8. wow i love all the images! really great choice!

  9. Top inspiratie love it!
    Liefs Michelle
    Personal Fashionblog


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