Friday, 27 November 2015


IF I really need to choose which is my best purchase of last week, then I'll pick my Acne knit which I found at a Closet Affair hosted by bloggers babes Lizzy, Sabrina and Nicole, in Amsterdam. I didn't know what to expect, but wanted to give it a try. Last Sunday, the BF drove me all the way to our capital city, in the hope to find hidden jems. We were quite late but still had a lot of luck. So happy with this one. Feeling like a little duck as the colour is bright yellow, but it gives me a lot of warmth. I also got a lot of pretty jewelry from Guess last week while Lizzy van der Ligt was visiting me. We had a fun morning, playing dress up at my place. She picked three looks and styled them with beautiful pieces of the new collection by Guess. Learned a lot from this girl, so I am very gratefull for that. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


COATS, you either hate them or love them. Many people are always having troubles when it comes to picking the right winter coat. For me this is super easy. Maybe this is because I don't buy coats very functional. I just buy them because I like their fit, their colour or their shape, but not because of their warmth. Even though Holland is getting colder day by day, I don't care. Who wants to be pretty needs to suffer. I got coats in all colours and lenghts and I never get enough of them. A coat makes the outfit, in my opinion. And, if you buy them smartly, you can wear your coat many years, without being out of fashion. Do you have a pretty and fashionable thick winter coat? Let me know which one, before the snow comes. 

Friday, 20 November 2015


THINK you should really add some boho, ethnic and fun prints to you interior. I know everyone walks away with the perfect Scandinavian all white decor, but why not making it a little bit liveable? First I think you should express yourself instead of copying the whole Pinterest crowd out there. Sure it's the perfect place to find you inspiration, but why would you like to have the same interior as everyone else? I think you can be more original when adding some fun and crazy prints. The boho prints are a biggie trend right now and I love it so much. If I had more space, I would buy myself a huge kelim. I do have new dining chairs and I think I am gonna look for some boho pillows to make it look more fun. Also a bit of colour makes you happier. So let go off those way too perfect Scandinavian apartments and give it a touch of yourself. Art, colour, prints, plants and books will make it more personal! 

Monday, 16 November 2015


PARIS should have been our destiny for last weekend. Already a year ago, me and my sister planned the trip and we were really looking forward. Kind of a goodbye weekend, as she leaving to Asia for a couple of months. But Friday evening, while we were packing and getting ready to leave, Paris turned red of blood. The blood of terrorism in this mad world, was everywhere in the city. Too many people died that night, for no reason. Too many people lost their family, their love and loved ones. I was cold and shocked for many hours, watching the news. And still while writing this, looking at the French coloured Erasmus bridge here in Rotterdam, I can't believe what happened. A true nightmare. My heart goes out to everyone in Paris. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015


THIS venue is quite new for me. I am still student and I have little to spend. While I am also an interior addict, I need to choose where to spend my money on, each month. Last months I got to know designer clothes a bit more. My Acne boots and scarf are 24/7 my biggest friends and that turned out to be a stupid decision. Little scratches and damages are showing off now, which makes me want to cry. It's my own fault, because I wore them non-stop, so it seems to be logical. But still, I can tell you this hurts. You all know that feeling when going out with your new super shiny white sneakers, walking uncomfortable, because you want to keep them snow white forever. And then, bird poop falling on your bad ass sneakers, that's fucked up. So my tip for you is that you should handle your designer items with care. Don't use them as everyday items and give them a good place at home. Preferably in cases and boxes to protect them from all kind of danger at home ( read : two naughty cats ). When you succeed in this point, you can keep your items forever, and they will always stay pretty 'nd perfect. Especially, most of the items will only get prettier by wearing them. But that's only with good quality guys, don't think about the Zara knock-offs now. I know it's and investment, but it's worth it. Go and build yourself a basic designer heaven and you will never have to spill money anymore. Each season you can just buy one items of a current trend and match this with your own items. You will thank me, I know.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


BEATING a stupid flu at the moment. Or at least, I think it's gonna be a flu. Just woke up after a terrible night. I didn't sleep at all, couldn't breath normally and my throat is screaming for help. I got two days off now to get ready for coming tests. Thursday I need to make 3 exams and I am not ready for it yet. Hope my health is not leaving me alone now, so I can do what I need to do today. Tonight I have something exciting though, a visit at a pretty perfect house. We're still on the haunt for houses and it seems like a long way to go. These pictures where taken close to that house and the area is just perfect. It's one of the oldest parts of Rotterdam and I think we would be very happy there to live.