Tuesday, 30 June 2015


BABY I feel better than ever. I have been acting like a bitch to my loved ones. Especially to him. I know it's my fault, I get moody during this period for no reason. But I came to the moment that it makes no sense to be moody and sulky. It's summer, and we should celebrate that. Today is a perfect example. Had breakfast at the balcony this morning, a cup of coffee with the newest issue of Vogue. I rocked an exam ( well at least that's what I hope ), had lunch in my bikini in the hot sun and I won't do anything else today. Except doing groceries for a healthy dinner tonight. Ibiza is coming closer and closer so that means I am back on a diet. Want to look fab at the beach. 

Friday, 26 June 2015


OK, by this time you probably expect me to write some good content, but I have to tell you it's actually on the contrary. I have no reasonable excuse for this. I won't bore you with my study and so on. So I will just keep it with this. My vintage tee which I am wearing almost every day. It's so good, my pyjama's are having competition with this one. Something old, something new. You know I am dreaming about a bag for more than 4 years now. The CĂ©line trio. There might be a chance, that this bag is coming to me this year. Going for red, beige or..... ? 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


THINK it's time to get a little more personal every now and then. I have been talking about the guy so many times now, but no one knows who he actually is. He really deserves to be in the spotlight as he turned out to be the most important thing in my life. Yes sounds like a romcom movie isn't it? No I will not bore you with the juicy details. Just wanted to say that he means the world to me because he knows how to make a smile on my face when feeling shitty. Thank you for being my boyfriend. Going back into my study books now, because yes, feeling shitty is for a reason.

Saturday, 20 June 2015


ANOTHER busy week ahead for me. Being incredibly stressy and sensible because of the amount of exams coming days. I know it's my own fault. I should have started earlier, yes yes. But still, I am doing my best. Just a quick update and some beautiful photos of this stunner. When is it finally possible to lay at the beach? Summer is actually hiding for us. After my stressy weeks, you can come back. OK? What are you up to this weekend? Any plans?

Thursday, 18 June 2015


LOOKING back at the photographs from last weekend, makes me want to go back. I've spend the weekend in Paris with my boyfriend. We already went together last November when it was a bit cold. Now we were really lucky with 28 degrees. We rented bikes for the weekend and drove around the city. We did actually nothing, only eating, sunbathing at Place de Vosges, drinking wine and so on. Sounds perfect right? When I am with my boyfriend, it doesn't matter where we are, we always make fun and we always have a nice time. Love is in the air. What do you think of my new police cap? It caught my eye when I saw it on Lizzy few months back. Now it's finally mine. Also really happy with my new leopard pants. Was looking for them for more than a year now. YEAH. Would you like me to share some hotspots from Paris? Let me know!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


LOOK at this amazing chair. Isn't it damn pretty? White leather and a silver frame. I am so happy with my new design piece for my apartment. Furnpact gifted me this beauty. They also sell other amazing interior pieces, like the Eames chairs. All their furniture is inspired by famous brands and pieces. So if you want to have your own design chair, you should definitely check out the website. There is a big sale too. Soon more info about this gorgeous Barcelona chair

Friday, 12 June 2015


TRAVELLING doesn't always have to mean going abroad and take the plane for at least 10 hours. You can also travel in your own country and discover many nice new places. Last week I was in Amsterdam and I discovered a lot of hotspots, cute streets, pretty industrial restaurants and really nice shops. I should really go to Amsterdam more often. I always forget how pretty our capital city is. Tomorrow I am going to Paris and I can't wait. Today is a full day of study ahead. But then it's time to pack my bags with vintage Levi's shorts, crop tops and sunglasses. Paris will be damn hot this weekend! Have a nice day to all of you. What's by the way your favourite city?