Saturday, 19 April 2014


I actually have to name this post not like this. Normally I put down one editorial but this time I couldn't choose. So this is like ALL IN ONE. All the highlights from the latest editorials from all over the world. I never like the Dutch editorials. It's never good enough in my eyes. But, I really have to admit, this shot above is great. The whole shooting is good and that's why I show you some Dutch work for the first time in my life. I will show you soon some work of myself. I did the styling for a Dutch magazine Nouveau and it's out now. It was my first ever job as a stylist and I am really proud. Hope you will like these shots today on my blog. It's making me very happy, all those summer looks. Can't get enough of looking at it. Unfortunately there is no time for that, because I am back in Holland for a big week. Another week of quality time with my beloved ones. It's gonna be nice, it's gonna be great. Have a nice weekend, I am back soon, with some nice outfits.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


FINALLY got my hands on these bad ass white tennis'. Can't remember exactly, but I am almost sure I had these when I was 13 years old. Now they are back in the game. Not only in fashion world, also in my world. I will wear them as long as possible. I bought them a few days ago when my parents where here, and it was the last pair in town. Lucky girl. With pain in my heart I take them off before sleeping, but in the early morning I put them on ASAP. Becoming friends in such a short time is quite special. I love them. You will see them here enough ( ... maybe too much ). I will try to sometimes wear some other shoes, so you won't be bored. But I can't promise. If you get the chance to buy them, you should do and become friends with them like I did. So happy I am the owner of the blue Stan Smiths'.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


EXHAUSTED. That's how I feel right now. Imagine 4 days of walking, running, hopping, eating, drinking, discovering and many more in the city of love. My parents came over for the last couple of days here in Paris, and it was the best time ever. Nothing better than being in that city with the most lovely ones. Unfortunately yesterday evening it was time to say goodbye, but I will look back at a great time with a lot of great memories. Those people are the ones who can make me laugh all the time, the ones who let me forget everything else around me. Thank you mum and dad, I love you. TIME to go back to reality with a new post online on my blog. It was quite silent here, but I am back. I am wearing my new favourite dress inspired by Kenzo. When wearing this one, it feels like everyone is looking at me, that's my own fault I know. Have a nice Tuesday everyone! I will enjoy the sun, and do nothing more today. BYE

Thursday, 10 April 2014


BLUE, is by far my favourite colour for this new fashion season. This spring and summer is al about the blue shades. Light blue, marine and kobalt, ohhh I am dying. Light blue let me melt inside, and the kobalt blue is catching my eyes everytime I see it somewhere. What about this collection from Dion lee S/S 14-15 ? Stunning right? I wish I could click those pieces right away in my closet. From the pc to the wardrobe. I don't know if it is because of the drop-dead-gorgeous models, but everything looks so fresh and minimal. After seeing these photos I had a big bunch of new inspiration in my head. I got a nice pair of kobalt blue pants, and I know how I will style them next time, to look the same as they do. Maybe I really have to chop my hair, as I am already telling you for weeks. It's just that I am scary. Temperatures in India are high, so I want to put my hair in a bun or ponytail when I am sweating my hair off. But with a real chop, even that's not possible anymore. Ok, I am off topic now. This has to be all about runway love. But I think it's clear no? This looks damn good! Ok I admit, this is not alllll about blue, but I needed to share it with you. Let me know that you think of this collection. HAVE a nice weekend.


In my life, you can compare fashion with interior. It's kind of the same for me. My way of styling myself, is the same way of interior interests. Some days I like to wear basic, other days I want nothing else but colours. I am sure that when I will have my own apartment, all rooms will be like a different 'theme'. A basic industrial living room with influences of Africa and Asia, a typical french kitchen, a colourfull dining room, an all white bedroom with a lot of fashion related stuff. Something like that. I think when you have your whole apartment styled the same, it will become a bit boring after a while. But I think when I will do it this way, it will never bore. Hope you will like this huge interior inspiration post, because it has been ages since my last one. Let me know what you think, or tell me your interior holy grail or dream. I am curious! I will be offline the coming days because I will spend some time with my parents. They are coming over to Paris and quality time with them is so much more important than the blog. I will be back asap. BYE BYE
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


TODAY I am keepin' it short. And that's not how I normally like it. But I have to today. I am so busy. My parents are coming over tomorrow so a big spring cleaning in my apartment is not a bad idea. Besides of that I also have to work, so it is going to be stressfull. This time I need you to help me with finding a musthave. Once I week I give you guys a nice musthave here on the blog, but this time it's up to you to show me yours. There are some requirements though. It has to be an earring, it has to be tiny, it has to be original and it has to be super duber beautiful. As you know I am collecting holes in my ears, I need some ear-inspiration. Tell me where you bought your tiny nice earrings, or show me some nice webshops etc. Today the talking is up to you. Fascinate me. Have a nice Wednesday ! I will be back soon.

Monday, 7 April 2014


denim dungarees trend
The moment I bought these denim dungarees was the moment I took a step further out of my own comfort zone. After wearing these several minutes, I was already used to it. And that's always, with everything. It's just the scary beginning, when you need to start comfortable. Fortunately things get used sooner than you think or thought. The dungarees are a big trend this season and I totally understand why. They look so cool, boyish and it gives you the perfect je ne sais quoi look. This time I wore them with a striped tee and my all stars, for a boyish yet Parisian touch. Last week someone asked me about my style. What is actually your style?! It's such a difficult question to answer. I think I don't have one style. I like so many things and so many styles. I just can't choose. What about you? Do you have one style where you are always loyal too? Or are you more like me? Something like a chameleon. That's what I am. Have a nice monday!
denim dungarees trend
denim dungarees trend
denim dungarees trend
denim dungarees trend

Saturday, 5 April 2014


For some kind of reason, there are just a few bloggers on this whole planet who really know how it works. I mean ; some people only have a blog because they hope to become famous and richhhh. There is also a bunch of bloggers putting outfit pictures on their blog, everyyy day, without even telling something. If people put some photos on their blog, of their outfit, I am always curious, WHY? Why this outfit, why this ensemble, why these colours or why that background etc etc. I think blogging is about inspiring other people through sharing your inspiration, your diary, with the things you like. Telling people something. Meaning something. Having some actual content. There is one blogger, which I already follow for so many years, and who inspire me still every single day. Everything she shares on her blog, is so impressive. She really tells something. She is interesting, and her outfits are not just outfits. I am talking about Liza Chloe. Head over to her blog if you didn't know her yet. I love that Dutchie. So that was it. That was all I wanted to say for now. And the reason of sharing this editorial is because it was inspiring me. The sandals are looking great, and the scarfs, what about that? I need them, for my holiday, that's for sure. Now I am off, enjoying this lovely summer day in Paris. Have a nice weekend, and please tell me I am right, about the blogging?!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


A BIG, BIGGIE inspiration post here for you. Maybe these posts are my favourite. With so much love I search through my harddisk to select my most lovely photos. There photos are from bloggers, editorials and magazines. Everyday you can find me hours behind my laptop. Not only for spioning other bloggers, but looking for love. Looking for inspiration actually. And that's pure love. What do you think about the photos I selected this time? Isn't it nice? I told you I am not really that minimalistic kind of girl when it comes to fashion. You won't see me wearing outfits like that. But looking at it, putting it at my wall, or post it on instagram, is definitely a hobby of me. An addiction. Have a nice friday everyone. The weekend is around the corner and there are some nice things on my planning. In a few days my parents are going to visit me here in Paris. Can't wait to show them my dream city, my dream life, my dream. See you soon!
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