Thursday, 29 January 2015


CAN you imagine the too hot white sands under your bare feet. Or your salty long hair drying on your shoulders after a dive in a deep blue ocean? The sun burning on your winter white skin, while dreaming away on your beach bed? I am not sorry for talking about this again. But it feels so good to leave this cold snowy country in already 4 days. I am so ready for you Thailand. I have been missing you. Can't wait to enjoy you to the fullest. Be right back! Oh and before I forget, I have seen some great tricks how to avoid wrinkly clothes after unpacking your suitcase or whatever. Roll your clothes in stead of a perfect staple. I will try it out coming week.

Monday, 26 January 2015


WELL WELL WELL, another food related update here on the blog. It has been two months since I started eating healthy. Which means, drinking lot's of water to hydrate my skin and body. Trying to drink fruit and vegetable juices regularly and no sugar. I am feeling great and asking myself sometimes why I didn't started earlier with this way of living. My skin is REALLY looking better. Less impurities and more plain. This was something I was craving for. No cream can do it better actually. When in restaurants, I am always such a sucker. It can happen I will eat more then I allow myself. Let's blame it on the interior, the presentation of the food and the handsome boys, haha. This weekend I went out to eat the best burger in town. Secretly I have been trying this burger out for already hundred times. SSSTT.

Friday, 23 January 2015


WELCOME home to my new sunnies. I have been craving over these for months. Never ever presented myself nice sunglasses, so I guess it was the time now. It feels like I am ready to go on the backpack adventure. I haven't even finished my exams, but I think I gotta let that go. We will always have the second round to make it happen. Today and this weekend will be full with study. Hopefully I can get myself to that. What are you going to do? And what's your favourite pair of sunnies? Think I am going to start a new addiction. So let me know!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


GOODMORNING. I am freezing my ass of here in rainy and grey Holland. In two weeks I will be in Thailand and that's all I am thinking about now. Getting started with packing my bags and organising my clothes. What to bring with me and what not. I have been travelling a lot of times already, but packing is never easy. With only one backpack for 19 days it can be quite difficult. And don't forget about the temperatures. It will be around 33 degrees, so some extra t-shirts is not a bad idea. But first, I have to concentrate on my exams. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 15 January 2015


WHERE the hell is that freaking focus? In about two weeks it's exam week and I am stressing so much. When I am finally behind my computer, my brain is freezing and struggling. Well, my mind is somewhere else. Last minute beauty treatments, making fresh juices, doing some sit-ups or taking a hot steamy bath. Oh yes, everything better then using my brain at usefully moments. Ahum. So, today is a new day, let's start all over. Right?!

Sunday, 11 January 2015


WHAT a beautiful Sunday and what a beautiful photo of Kate. She will always be my all time favourite model. Peter Lindbergh took some photo for Vogue Italia and decided to not use photoshop. Such a good choice, she don't need photoshop at all. Kate is stunning, pure and extraordinary pretty. Just wanted to share this with you guys! Have a nice Sunday. I will finally see my boyfriend in a few minutes after working on school like the whole weekend. BYE. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015


NEVER felt so good as I am feeling now. Drinking fresh juices and smoothies all day long. At least one a day is what I am trying at the moment. It really gives me power and it feels like I am a living vitamin bomb. This one I made myself and I just putted in what was in the fridge. It turned out great. Took it for breakfast before I went to the gym. Did 30 min at the cross trainer and after 15 min at the bicycle. GREAT! After this workout I took another glass of this yellow juice and it was filling enough. Besides, I drink 2 liter water a day, to keep the Doctor away. Have a nice weekend!
All you need is : one banana, one avocado, three oranges and one spoon of hennep seeds.